Super Heavy Duty Home Sewing Machines

Item No. :  EM-10A3

EM-10A3,Super Heavy Duty Home Sewing Machines,Sewing Machines

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Mod. EM-10A3

Capable of sewing more than 16 layers of denim jean fabrics at any speed!

Can be set to automatic sewing with speed control (mod. EM-10A3 & 10A2)(B)

Sewing speed for reverse stitching will automatically drop to low speed 

    (70 rpm) while setting automatic sewing. (mod. EM-10A2 & 10A3)

“Intelligent” machine driver DC motor (30W), thus reducing 50% power 

     consumption and increasing 5 times motor lifetime.

Needle position up/down. (mod.EM-10A3)(A)

Linear speed adjustment 70 ~ 750 rpm. (mod.EM-10A3& 10A2)(C)

  Vertical oscillating hook            . Thread tension control         10 Stitches

  Extra-high pressure foot lifter .. 4- Step buttonhole        .      Free arm

   (adjustable)            .                    Needle thread cutter           Max stitch width 5mm       

Vertical spool pins                       Max stitch length 4.5mm      Twin needle capability

Reverse lever (D).                       Easy declutch bobbin winder  Needle up/down (A)             

LED lamp                                     Start/Stop button                Soft cover

   Speed control slider (C).             Foot control (Option)

1. 20 layers of white bleached fabric sewing  :

2. All patterns sewing :

3. Bobbing winding :

4. Denim fabric 3 9 3 Sewing with clearance plae :

5. Denim fabric 3 9 3 Sewing :

6. Foot control mode and cutting :

7. Foot control mode and cutting

8. Foot control mode the handle mode pausing :

9. Free sewing : :

10. Reverse sewing :

11. Sewing button hole :

12. Tissue paper sewing :

13. Up and down needle position with foot control :

14. Up and down needle position :

15. Sewing white bleached cloth with clearance plate assistant :