TNC Reinforced Sewing Needles (made in Taiwan)

Item No. :  HAx1 (15x1,130/705H, SY2020) / ELx705 (558F)

TNC Reinforced Sewing Needles (made in Taiwan)

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HAx1 (15x1,130/705H, SY2020) 

sizes: #9/65, #10/70, #11/75, #12/80,#14/90,#16/100, #18/110

ELx705 (558F) 

sizes: #12/80, #14/90

for household sewing machines HAx1 & overlock machines ELx705

     All needles hard chrome plated with light ball point (R) or universal point.


•Chromium plating – better hardness and lower friction – more rigid and 

  less deflection.

•40% longer life than conventional needle.

•Less machine parts damage.

•Less skipped stitches.

•Less needle deflection and shaking.•Optimum beautiful seams.

Highest Quality for more flexibitity in different fabric types without changing needle

Packing :

1.Normal package : 10pcs/sleeve, 10 sleeves (100pcs)/inner box then

                  500 pcs per box

2.Hangsell carded package :

A : 5 pcs per card per size, 100 cards per box (500 pcs)

B : 10 pcs per card per size, 50 cards per box (500 pcs)

C : 10 pcs per card, combination of 2 sizes (5pcs each)

      50 cards per box (500pcs)