Desktop Spot Removing Machines

Item No. :  EM-816A / EM-816B

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#EM-816A     Desktop spot removing machine w/2 sets of spray guns

#EM-816B     Desktop spot removing machine w/one spay gun EM-380AD

This stain removing machine works on the latest cold spotting principle and 

      can even be operated by unskilled workers.

* Excellent design with easy operation concept and cleaning efficiency.

* Adopting spotting agent, remove the stubborn stain from garment before washing 

     or after washing, or afterwashing, such as lipstick, paint, fruit juices, blood stain, 

      ink, soy sauce, coffee and milk stain.

* Includes 2 sets of stain removal guns.

* Stainless steel suction table prevents rust and distortion of fabric.

* With two solvent tanks for storing different liquid solvent.

Desktop Height

33 cm


9 x 36 cm

Power Supply

110V/60Hz, 220V/50Hz


100 cm

Weight Of Machine

EM-816A (19kg)/EM-816B   (16kg)

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