Clear Plastic Ruler Foot & Echo Feet Package Low Shank (4 Feet Set) PF-ECHO

Item No. :  PF-ECHO

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Packed in Plastic box with Cut-foam

Item No. PF-ECHO  Kit of Four (4) Feet

The “Hobby Quilt” echo feet kit is a set of four feet. One standard low shank Clarity Ruler Foot gives 1/4-inch distance from the needle to the edge of the ruler foot.  

The other three Echo Feet provide a 3/8-inch interval, a 1/2-inch interval, and a 3/4-inch interval.
When using the edge of the ruler foot, there is a 1/4” distance from the needle to the edge of the foot.  The Echo Feet provide a 3/8” interval, 1/2” interval and a 3/4” interval.

These echo feet are very helpful when quilting piano keys on a border and when creating channel quilting.  Easily echo different distances around a singel circle ruler template.  Or create grids and cross-hatching with different widths.   

Set "Free Motion" mode by lowering the feed dog or setting the stitch length to "0".

Universal low shank fits most household sewing machines - Brother, Singer, Janome, Babylock, Toyota, Juki, Elna, Pfaff, Viking/Husqvarna, etc. etc.

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