Twin Needles

Item No. :  TN-2.0/90

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(A)  TN-2.0/90L   Needle distance 2.0mm, needle size : 90/14 left

(B)  TN-2.0/90    .Needle distance 2.0mm, needle size : 90/14 center

(C)  TN-3.0/90     Needle distance 3.0mm, needle size : 90/14 center

(D)  TN-4.0/90    .Needle distance 4.0mm, needle size : 90/14 center

Bulk pack : 50 pcs per plastic box

Twin needle (double needle) has two separate needles mounted  one shank.

The two needles are attached to a single crossbar.  Used for decorative sewing :top-stitching, pintucking, fine entredeux, twin zig-zag or twin decorative stitches.

System : 130/705H (HZx705H) Needle size : 90/14  Other sizes also available. Needle distance : 2.0mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm  Other needle distance also available.