Puller With Direct-Driving Computeried (Made in Taiwan)

Item No. :  HCP-3815




For single,twin needle and long arm sewing machine with direct-drive 

servo motor with roll size: 38x15mm.   Other roller size: 25x15mm, 

55x15mm, 55x50mm also available on request.


Feature : 

 Advantage of Computerized puller:

1. With direct drive motor, more intelligent than traditional puller

2. Computational fine encoder, higher precision than traditional puller .

3. Synchronized with sewing machine

4. Automatic lift put puller machine, When the sewing machine stops,

    computerized puller is automatically lifted. Traditional puller needs 

    to step on the pedal to lift the puller.

5. Stitch size : 0.1mm -10mm, traditional puller 1mm-6mm, more accurate 

    than traditional puller

6. Panel manipulation: Press the +- symbol to control the speed, the 

    traditional puller adjusts the speed with the knob

7. Automatic release puller, traditional puller can’t do it.

8.  Anti-wrinkle, an absolute bargain

9. Lighter and smaller than traditional puller.

10. Suitable for all kinds of computer single, twin needle, long arm sewing                   


11. Suitable for Reverse solenoid is at back of machine and the Foot lift 

     solenoid is located on the back of the machine, don’t need to use the 

     relocation set, compared with traditional puller is mo

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