Quilting Ruler Template Wave & Scallop WSC-4X13 (5mm)

Item No. :  QT-WSC-4X13



ITEM NO. QT-WSC-4X13    (4″x13″)

All Hobby Quilt  ruler templates are laser-cut from 5mm acrylic and laser-engraved (etched) on the back side to reduce parallax errors and for long-lasting accuracy when quilting

Made from 5mm thick quality acrylic. Use to make spines for feathers and waves or scallop and other designs. This ruler/template (WSC-4X13-5)  makes both a 6-inch and 4-inch wave from peak to peak, with 1-inch and 3/4-inch deep waves.  This template is for high shank and industrial-grade domestic sewing machines and for long arm and mid-arm quilting machines with hopping foot.

Overall size:  4" x 13" (including stoppers on both ends)

This template will allow the quilter to create numerous shaped curved lines or designs on the quilt on home sewing machine with the use of special ruler foot 1/4" which you can order in our store.

The thickness 5mm is enough for safety for high shank or industrial shank home sewing machine foot shank clearance and for long arm or mid-arm quilting machines with hopping foot.   We recommend you to use ruler gripping dots (GR24) to be attached under the template to avoid slippery.  You can also order from our store.

Note:  Picture shown is with "red" marking line.  However, the product is engraved/etched by laser without color.  We recommend you to use "water-based" marking pen preferable in "red" or "pink" color to color the etched markings/lines for better visibility.

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