Roff-Off Roller Cradle

Item No. :  CR-003A /CR-003B /CR-003

Roff-Off Roller Cradle

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Roff-Off Roller Cradle

This cradle uses free running rollers mounted on bearings to hold cloth rolls with broken core or without core up to 150cm (5-ft) wide for off-rolling purposes.  Ideal for customers who like to lay out cloth onto a long table and cut.  This cradle is for cloth roll dia. up to 27cm (11”). Larger cradles for cloth rolls 40cm dia. (item No. CR-004) and for cloth rolls 50cm dia. (item No. CR-005also available on request.

Item No. CR-003A                            standard-one “closed” end & the other end is “open”

Item No. CR-003B                            both ends are “open” to hold cloth roll up to 7’(210cm) 

Item No. CR-003AS or CR-003BS  Height : 85cm

Roller cradle complete with stand + wheels Simply place the cloth roll the cradle and then position at the end of a laying up table and pull the cloth onto the table top.  The wheels make it very portable. Suitable for table 83cm high. Higher stand is also available upon request.