Special Adjustable Roller Feet

Item No. :  R200

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It comes in 4 different rollers :

A: Steel toothed (serrated)   Item No. R200A

B: Knurled steel                      Item No. R200B

C: PU material (smooth)          Item No. R200C

D: Nylon toothed (serrated)   Item No. R200D

Can be used for general kinds of tailoring sewing machines with no additional equipment.  By adjusting th spring behind, it is adapted for various thickness, kinds, and layers of all sorts of materials - heavy materials, leather, vinyl, PU leather, PVC, foam laminated fabrics, etc. etc.

Designed for surfaces that cannot be oiled.

Eliminates the use of oil and oil pads.  

Stops gathering and uneven stitches. 

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