LED mini-light

Item No. :  LD-001,LD-003



LED mini-light   mod. LED-001

l for mechanic and technician

l for reading and writing

l for recreation: fishing, bicycle riding, camping

l for blackout

l for embroidery and any other needle works


LED mini light clamps virtually anywhere – to caps, helmets, eyeglasses sunvisors, tool boxes, brackets, screwdrivers,clipboards, laptops, backpacks, bicycles or anywhere you need extra light. Patent: USA, Taiwan, China


l Special universal ball joint coupling can direct light to any directions.

l The clamp can be mounted either the rear of the light or the side of         the light.

l LED-001 operates on four LR41 weights 9g and LED-003 on two            CR-2032 weights 14g.

 l Lifetime: LED-001 30~60 days base on intermittent usage or 6~12                           hours on continuous usage.

         ..               LED-003 180 days based on intermittent usage or 24                                    hours on continuous usage.

l The most brilliant distance : 15~70cm

l Dimension : 14x15x36mm (LED-001), 48x28x12mm (LED-003)


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