Hi-Power Battery Operated LED Spot Work Light with Flexible Gooseneck Arm & Strong Magnetic Base

Item No. :  LED-M88

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 LED bulb made in Japan by Nichia mod. Nichia-319 (PC Optical Lens)

                                        Lumens : 150 ~ 450 lm (max.)

       MOD. LED-M88

* Flexible gooseneck : overall length 455mm (18”).

This battery powered portable LED light is fully adjustable to fit all your lighting needs.

The zoomable lens allow you to focus

the light exactly where you need it.

Slide the light head to change the focus. Beam slide focus (adjustable)

Ansi FL1 : 18650=150 LM/Low,400 LM/High.

                       3x”AA”=100 LM/Low,350 LM/High.

PC Optical Lens produces Beam Slide Focus Adjustable.

Ansi FL1 : 18650=5.0Hr/Low/2.5Hr/High.


Color temperature : 6400K daylight white

Heavy duty cast aluminium housing.

Waterproof : IPX4 and shockproof design.

Switch : Push button High ON/Low ON/OFF

Power : 1.5 ~ 5.0 watt/output

Patents : US 7,461,965 B2 & 8,053,787 B2

A: Battery case to hold 3 “AA” batteries 4.5V=10 hr/Low ; 5 hr/High.

 B: Rechargeable Li-ion battery case / charger cover.

 C: Rechargeable Li-ion battery case / charger.

D: Battery : Japan SANYO 2.6A 18650 Li-ion Battery Rechargeable.

 E: Li-ion battery adapter/ holder case

 F: USB cable.

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