Super Bright ”COB” LED Work Light #LED-860

Item No. :  LED-860

Super Bright ”COB” LED Work Light #LED-860



Item No. LED-860  with 60cm(23.6”) long gooseneck & “C” clamp

When ordering, please specify color – white, black or red


* EMERY® worklights bring your equipment out of the dark age.

* EMERY® worklights will help you get the maximum

  productivity you need from your two most valuable assets,

  your people and your equipment. Good lighting is an essential 

  part of each workstation. Poor lighting increases absenteeism

  through eye strain, stress and headaches.

* EMERY® worklights deliver near daylight conditions at 

  the point of work, where it is most needed.

* They are easy to adjust, resist equipment vibration and

  avoid obstructing the work. 

* The lights require minimum maintenance and are energy efficient.


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