Quilting Freezer Paper A4 Size 8.5"x11" 50 Sheets/Pack

Item No. :  QC08

Quilting Freezer Paper,QC08



Up for sale is High Quality (made in Taiwan)  Quilting Freezer Paper  A4 Size (8.5" x 11")  per sheet - 50 sheets per pack.

Perfect size for printing patterns or templates in an ink-jet or all-in-one printer.

Freezer paper is great for making applique templates, patterns, multiple patchwork and craft use.

Create templates to reduce time on quilting or appliqueing:
1.  Draw design on paper side of freezer paper.
2.  Pin paper side of design to wrong side of fabric.
3.  Cut out fabric pieces with 3/16" extra fabric allowance around the design.  Cut 1/8" long slits on curved edges fabric.  Press seal allowance over edge of template.  Remove pins.
4.  Adhere fabric pieces to material by pressing in place with a hot dry iron.  Stitch fabric pieces to background material, leaving a small area unstitched.
5.  Pull out freezer paper through unstitched area, and the stitch closed.

High transparency for easy tracing and tear off easily.

Can be ironed repeatedly and reused.

Stabilize fabric for sewing machine stitch or printing fabric.

Protect work surfaces from paint and other messy craft media.

Pour paint onto plastic side for finger painting.

Use as a disposable paint palette cover school books and personalize with stitckers and drawings.

Make non-slip stencils.

Great for silk painting.

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