Quilt Suspension System with 2 Swing-away Arms & 4 Quilt Clamps

Item No. :  QSS-2400



Quilt Suspension System  -  The suspension system is constructed of a high quality, extremely rigid aircraft grade aluminium.  The strong quilt clamps are made of high quality stainless steel.

The clamps are hung on strong elastic bouncing cord ensuring that it takes the drag and weight off when you freemotion quilt.

Model QSS-2400 is two swing-away arms with 4 quilt clamps on elastic bouncing cord.  120cm (48") high with arms 55cm (22") long.

The quilt suspension system is designed by Hobby Quilt for more info  http://www.quiltwork.com.tw/shop_list.asp?ProdId=3658

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