100% Wool Ironing Mats

Item No. :  WIM-A/B/C/D

Wool Ironing Mats,Mats,WIM-A

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Item No. WIM-A  13.5” x 13.5” (343 x 343mm)

               WIM-B  17” x 17”    (432 x 432mm)

               WIM-C  17” x 24”    (432 x 610mm)

               WIM-D  18” x 14”    (457 x 356mm)


   *Natural grey color with angle or round angle.

Light-weight and portable, easily fit suitcase or hardbag.

Retains heat like ironing from both sides at the same time.

Makes it faster to press and results in flatter seams.

Thick wool texture provides exceptional grip and stability for patchwork 

    and can also be used to iron clothing.

The 1/2” thick mat provides ultimate protection,

   preventing heat transfer to the surface below thus safe for use on 

    your dining table or any where on the go - any surface !

      *Do not leave your iron on the ironing mat too long.

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