Pre-wound Bobbin Thread

Item No. :  PW-LA75D/PW-LB75D/PW-MA75D

Pre-wound Bobbin Thread



image.pngSpecification :

1. 100% polyester material 75D/2 or 70D/2 and 60S/2 material

2. Length : L type 135-125yard /pc, M type: 235-215yard /pcs

3. Package : L and M type : 144pcs/box, 40 boxes/carton, total 5,760pcs/carton

4. They will work with all of major brands of embroidery machines and most quilting 

     or sewing machines


When ordering, please specify color – black or white for “M” type (large) and material as 

well as with paper sides or without.  There are 10 different colors for “L” type (regular).

Material :100% polyester 420D/1, 630D/1 and 100% mercerized cotton 60S/2, 50/2, 32S/2  also available upon request.

Prices : In US dollars on FOBTaiwanper 144 pcs (gross) basis.

Deli : within 30 days after receipt of firm order with payment


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