Thread Nets

Item No. :  TN-XX

Thread Nets,TN-



Spool thread net for cones - perfect for rayon, metallic, nylon, polyester and cotton thread to protect thread from falling off cones during storage and handling and can be used while sewing or embroidering with thread cones and spools to keep thread from getting tangled or slipping over cones.

Expandable to snugly fit different sizes of spool due to softness.  Large sizes can be cut to size you need.

Added control of the thread when using cones for both sewing machine or overlockers/sergers or embroidery machines.

They come in three different sizes - large 12.5cm (5"), medium 10cm (4") and 5.5cm (2-1/8")  -  10 pcs per pack.

You can revitalise your net after extended use by using a hair dryer or heat gun and it will retract to its previous size.  Just gently run over it.

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