Magnetic Parts Tray (Rectangle) with Pivoting Plastic Cowl

Item No. :  MPT-240C

Magnetic Parts Tray,MPT-240C



Tray : heavy-gauge polished stainless steel.  Rectangle with pivoting plastic cowl which pivots and clips in place at the upper and lower ends of travel to prevent accidental movement.  When attached to a VERTICAL surface, a plastic cowl holds non-ferrous or loose items.  Size: 240x140mm.

Permanent magnet : Rubberized covering
Magnetic field intensity : 1,000 ~ 1,200 gauss

The magnetic parts trays are ideal for storing small tool, screws, pins and any other ferrous items and keep them within reach of work area.  They help prevent lost or misplaced parts, fasteners, and tools.  Mount tray horizontal, vertical, or upside down to hoods, fenders, or other ferrous metal surfaces.  Rubberized covering over magnet prevents damage to finished surfaces.

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