Yarn Bobbins ffor knitting

Item No. :  YB-50/YB-63/YB-92

YB-50/YB-63/YB-92, Yarn Bobbins



#YB-50/6  size : 50x16mm, small (2”), 6 pcs/pack

#YB-63/6  size : 63x17mm, medium (2-1/2”), 6 pcs/pack

#YB-92/4  size : 92x19mm, large (3-5/8”), 4 pcs/pack

Ideal for intarsia knitting, kumihimo or cord

management. Flip up the top of your yarn bobbin,

and wind your yarn around the centre of the

spool.  Then shut your bobbin, and the yarn in 

your bobbin is secured.  It is stockable thus 

space saving.  Help keep cords or threads from

getting tangled or knotted. 

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