New Style “Rubber” Walking Foot w/Two Seam Guides

Item No. :  P90130

New Style “Rubber” Walking Foot w/Two Seam Guides



#P90130    Walking foot w/open toe & stitch-in-ditch soles & quilting guides, LS                     Made inTaiwan

New Style “Rubber” Walking Foot with Two (2) Quilting Guides and Three (3) Soles - one open toe for quilting sewing, one closed toe for general sewing and one with center guide for stitch in ditch sewing.  Fits most low shank sewing machines - Janome, Brother, Baby Lock, Juki, Toyota, Elna, Singer, White, etc. etc.


This walking foot is wonderful for fabrics that stretch or slip easily, such as velvet or corduroy.  The foot has a set of upper rubberized feed to help feed multiple layers evenly without shifting.  This walking foot comes with three easily interchangeable soles, a general sewing closed toe sole and an open toe sole for quilting plus one sole with central guide for stitching in the ditch and edgestitching.  Additionally, it comes with two seam guides (quilting bars) both right and left to help you sew accurately resulting in consistent stitching and perfectly matched patterns.


To change the sole, just use screwdriver supplied to open the fork that holds the sole so that the sole will release.  Then align the holes of the replacement sole so both sides are ed in the holes, 2 holes on the left, and one on the right.


To attach seam guide (quilting bar), place the U-shaped piece behind the foot and line up with holes on the foot.   seam guide  U-shaped piece and through foot,  right guide  right side of the foot; left guide  left side of the foot.  Push guide through to the desired width.  Tighten large screw on the top of U-shaped piece and against the metal hole behind.  Make sure screw is tight so guide does not move when sewing.


The foot is packed in an unbreakable plastic box with cut-foam so all parts are nested neatly.


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