1-Needle Compound Feed Walking Foot Sewing Machines

Item No. :  EM-206RB

1-Needle Compound Feed Walking Foot Sewing Machines



Mod. EM-206RB

This machine is equipped with unison feed mechanism and horizontal-axis double-capacity Hook.  It is applicable to an extended range of heavy material for industrial use, such as cargo handling belts and containers, as well as those

for general use, such as car seats, sofas and bags, etc.



˙ This machine is equipped with walking foot, needle feed, and feed dog,        all of which act completely in unison.  Consequently, the upper or lower        sewing material does not slip and also this machine can sew accurately          and easily several sheets of heavy weight material piled up together.

˙ The alternating vertical movement of the walking foot and presser foot     can be widely adjusted in the range of 2.7 to 5.5 mm.  With this feature, 

    the machine is able to flexibly adapt to various kinds of heavy material.

˙ Equipped with large hook, the bobbin has a twice large capacity than            that of regular hook. This is convenient for long materials sewing as well      as with thick thread.

˙ Horizontal axis rotating hook with automatic hook lubrication, oil 

     amount is easily adjusted for an optimum lubrication, quick and easy             change of bobbin

˙ The machine is equipped as standard with a safety clutch for preventing      hook breakage.  Reset work can be done simply by pressing a button.

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