1-Needle Flat Bed Extra Heavy Lockstitch Sewing Machine

Item No. :  EM-243

1-Needle Flat Bed Extra Heavy Lockstitch Sewing Machine



mod EM-243  Unison Compound Feed   Made inTaiwan

This machine is equipped with unison feed mechanism and semi-rotary large

capacity shuttle hook, suitable for sewing extremely thick materials. Such

products as : safety belts, luggage, tarpaulins, tents, sofas, book bindings,

orthopedic appliances, holsters, knife sheath, purses, etc.


 With powerful unison feed, the machine can sew accurately and easily                

    multiply heavy weight materials.

The lifting amount of presser of presser foot is as high as 20mm and the             

    working space is as wide as 420mm, suitable for stitching extra heavy 

    weight materials or large sewing products with ease.

Applied the semi-rotary large shuttle hook & bobbin, could reduce 

    the frequency of changing the bobbin thread and increase the sewing 


   The bobbin winder is incorporated with on the machine head.

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