2-Needle Unison Feed Flatbed Lockstitch Sewing Machine(Made in Taiwan)

Item No. :  EM-1560

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2-Needle Unison Feed Flatbed Lockstitch Sewing Machine

(Made in Taiwan)

models :


EM-1560       for heavy materials

EM-1560-T    for thick thread (#0)

EM-1560-FL  with pneumatic auto-lifter

EM-1560-BT  with automatic backtack and auto-lifter


* With the adoption of a new complete rectangular feed mechanism, an alternating             vertical movement mechanism, and a unison-feed mechanism, the machine can 

     feed heavy materials for industrial use, such as cargo handling belts, car seat, 

    sofas, and bags.

The maximum stitch length is 9mm, the needle bar storke is 38mm. and an extra             large steel hand-wheel with a diameter as large as 175mm, the machine supports 

     the sewing of extra heavy materials.

Max. sewing speed

2,500 s.p.m.

Working space

255 mm / 635mm

Max. stitch length

9 mm



Lift of the presser foot

9 mm by Hand

16 mm by Knee

Needle to be used

 DPx17 #23

Alternating vertical   movement

2.5~6.5 mm

Needle system

#20 ~ #25

Needle gauge





#20 ~ #1

Needle bar stroke

38 mm

Motor to be used

Clutch Motor, 1/2HP,4P


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