Cylinder Bed Extra Heavy Duty Lockstitch Sewing Machines (Made in Taiwan)

Item No. :  EM-441 /EM-471

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Cylinder Bed Extra Heavy Duty Lockstitch Sewing Machines (Made in Taiwan)

Mod. EM-441   

         Cylinder bed unison feed extra heavy duty lockstitch sewing machine



         Cylinder bed upper & lower feed extra heavy duty lockstitch sew. machine


l    With powerful unison feed, the machine can sew accurately and easily multiply                  heavy weight materials. 

l   The lifting amount of presser foot is as high as 20mm and the working space is 

     as wide as 420mm, suitable for stitching extra heavy weight materials or large 

     sewing products with ease. 

l   Applied the semi-rotary large shuttle hook & bobbin, could reduce the frequency 

    of changing the bobbin thread and increase the sewing efficiency.  The bobbin 

    winder is incorporated with on the machine head.



Max. sewing   speed

800 s.p.m./1,000 s.p.m.

Needle to be   used

Schmetz 794

Nm230 (Size #26)

Max. stitch   length

11 mm

Needle system



Lift of the   presser foot

12 mm by Hand

20mm by Knee



Diameter of   cylinder-bed

81 mm

Motor to be   used

Clutch Motor, 3/4HP,4P

Needle bar   stroke

56 mm


53/62 KGS : 41/54KGS

Working space

420 mm/220mm


0.19 CBM/0.152CBM

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