Scissors Sharpener (New Style Scissors Sharpener)

Item No. :  ESS-100

ESS-100,Scissors Sharpener



#ESS-100   Scissors Sharpener (New Style Scissors Sharpener)


Free Floating Arm System-Fitted with lifetime sealed bearings, eliminating sticking and providing

years of maintenance free use. 14” stroke without reclamping.


Calibrated Angle Adjustment-Angles are easily set from 0°to 57°. Angle guide is printed on the

machine and angles do not change as wheel wear due to true center grinding.


Shears-Lock Clamp-Opens far enough for even very thick blades. Self-adjusts to blade bevel for

more positive hold and pivots to match curve on any blade.


13mm Wide Sharpening Wheel-100-120 grit friable aluminum oxide grain structure prevents burning.


13mm Wide Deburring Wheel-Nylon impregnated with silicon carbide removes fine burrs, microsharpens and polishes cutting edge.

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