Micro Computer Controlled Strip Cutters

Item No. :  SC-HCK100A/SC-CK100/SC-CK098VL

Micro Computer Controlled Strip Cutters

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 #SC-HCK100A      Hot & Cold knife

 #SC-CK100          Cold knife

 #SC-CK098VL      Cold knife

It will cut Elastic, Webbing (Up to 1/4” 6.4mm Thick), Ribbons, Belt Loops, Velcro, Nylon Cords, Leather, Safety Belts, Rubber and Vinyl to name a few.


˙Power Supply : 110V or 230V             

˙Feeding Speed : Adjustable Up to 33cm (13”) per second.

˙Cutting length : Approx 1,000cm (32.8ft)   

˙Counter : pre set up to 99,999.

˙Cutting width : 100mm (4”)                

˙Safety : knife cover sensor.

˙Tolerance : .05% of total cut.             

˙Auto stop roll end sensor.

˙Quantlity : up to 99,999 pieces           

˙Auto : Feed/reverse.


Velcro Tape Cutting Samples


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