Long-arm, 1-Needle Compound Feed Walking Foot Sewing Machines

Item No. :  EM-206RB-30



Mod. EM-206RB-30  Longarm 30”(762mm) working space

This machine is equipped with unison feed mechanism and wide 

working space, suitable for sewing heavy weight materials and 

huge articles. Such products as: furniture, car seats, sofas, 

tents, tarps, awnings truck covers, field covers, fabric structures 

and heavy bulky products, etc.




˙ With its generous 762mm of free space under the arm and powerful unison-feed, 

    the machine is ideally suited to sewing processes require a larger space under the 

    arm.  Typical examples are the sewing of tents and furniture.

˙ Equipped with large hook, the bobbin has a twice larger capacity than that of 

    regular hook.  This is convenient for long materials sewing as well with thick thread.

˙ Horizontal axis rotating hook with automatic hook lubrication, oil amount is 

    easily adjusted for an optimim lubrication, quick and easy change of bobbin.

˙ The machine is equipped as standard with a safely clutch for preventing hook 

     breakage.  Reset work can be done simply by pressing a button.






Max. sewing   speed

1,800 s.p.m.

Needle to be   used

 DPx17 #22

Max. stitch   length

8 mm

Needle system


Lift of the   presser foot

9mm by   Hand,13mm by Knee


#30~#5,   B46~B138,Nm=60/3~15/3

Alternating   vertical movement


Motor to be   used

Clutch Motor,   1/2HP, 4P

Needle bar   stroke

33.2 mm

 Working space

762 mm (30”)

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