Decorative Overedging Machine for Emblems

Item No. :  EM-633U

Decorative Overedging Machine for Emblems



mod. EM-633U     Made in Taiwan 

Shown with compass device (option) for overedging emblems

For overseaming,overedging and hemming applications. Simplicity and

durability assure continued uniform production, minimum down time.

production, minimum down time. lubrication. Fixed adjustments and

complete interchangeability of parts reduces maintenance, provides versatility.


Automatic lubricationSingle curved needleQuiet operation

Uniform feedingEasy threadingUniform stitching


Here’s a reliable EMERY designed specifically for stitching emblems.


Special parts in EMERY EM-633U arranged to facilitate handling of material used in emblem production include a short presser foot, a short feed dog and an edge guide. The EM-633U is normally used without cutters to form emblem stitches quickly and easily and permits the operator to turn corners in the work effortlessly. Threads used to form the stitch may vary from three to six, depending on the appearance desired. Recommended speed of the EM-633U is 5500 stitches per minute.

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