Battery Powered Portable Bag Closer Kit

Item No. :  DC18V-K

Battery Powered Portable Bag Closer Kit



Item No.DC18V-K         .Kit only without battery pack

             DC18V/7.5A-K  Kit only with battery pack 7.5Ah

for EMERY EM-77A, Newlong NP-7A, Fischbein F, Siruba AA-6 etc.

WORK AT ANYWHERE : with a 18V 7.5Ah Lithium-ion battery,This bag closing machine is cordless, no need to 

      plug in, get rid of the.shackles of the cable.

CONVENIENT BAG SEALING : After fully charging the battery (charging time for 7.5Ah about 5 hours), this bag 

     closer can work for about 4 hours. Please press the red button on the battery to display the remaining power in 

      real time, so as not to affect the work due to sudden power failure. We recommend to buy an extra battery and 

      charge the empty battery.

GOOD PACKING HELPER : This bag closer can do a straight .rather course seam like on burlap bags, woven 

     bags, kraft paper bags, etc.  The hem line is not permanent (single thread chainstitch) and is therefore a pull 

     thread release and cannot sew on a clothing item. Double thread double chainstitch bag closer also available.

MULTIPLE USES : This bag stitcher can seal bag with filling .like feed bag, bags of agricultural seed, paper 

     potato bags, vinyl rice bags, fertilizer bags, flour sacks, etc.  Can also stitch rolls of fabric together like hemming 

     vinyl banners or sew a canvas trim to a piece of carpet.


N.B. When ordering, please specify make of portable bag closer – Newlong 

(NLI), Newlong (NLW), Fischbein F,Siruba AA-6, EMERY, etc


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