Single Thread Chainstitch Embroidery Machine

Item No. :  EM-114-1/EM-114-2/EM-114-3/EM-114-10

Single Thread Chainstitch Embroidery Machine



EM-114-1     for chainstitch & moss stitch                  

mod. EM-114-2     as EM-114-1 but for heavy material             

       .EM-114-3     for tape attaching, chainstitch & moss stitch ...  

    ..  EM-114-10 . .for braiding, ray stitch, tape attaching, chainstitch & moss stitch.  

         Retarding Device with Adjustable Gear System

Applications :

● For general use in ornamental embroidery stitching and initialing.

● Suitable on such products as wearing appsrel, lines, towels, bedspreads, shirts, shop coats, curtains, banners, emblems, blankets, table cloths, coats and caps.

● Ideal for use by laundries, camping outfitters, upholsterers, drapery shops, uniform clothing suppliers, linen suppliers and sporting goods stores.

● Chainstitching, drop or moss stitching, tape attaching, braiding and ray stitch.

Features :

● Universal feed movement allows free-hand stitching in any shape, form, style or direction.

● Adjustable needle plate accommodates a variety of needle sizes and threads.

● Easy hand-operated clutch control.

● Easy-to-change hook needle.

● Uses all types of thread : cotton, silk, wool, metal and synthetic.

● Equipped with device for changing from chainstitch to dropstitch without removing work or        rethreading machine.

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